5 Steps To Successfully Sell Your Business

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 | 1 -2 p.m. ET

An insightful discussion for business executives and owners looking to successfully sell their company.

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* Looking to sell your business in the next year?

* Seeking suitable buyers for your business?

* Want to increase how much you keep when selling your company?

As a business owner who wants to sell your company, the odds are against you. Only 20% to 25% of businesses sell successfully. 

Selling a business is not like selling a house. There are many obstacles to a successful business sale, so it takes a lot of planning to identify the obstacles faced by business owners, and overcome or minimize the effect of the obstacles.

If you are counting on the sale of your business for your retirement funds, monetizing the sweat equity you’ve expended in developing and running your business, or need to make sure your business is sellable, you don’t want to miss this session.

You’ll learn: 

* Why most businesses don't sell successfully

* How to identify obstacles to eliminate or reduce business risk

* What are the steps to successfully sell your business

* What are pitfalls to avoid

Set up a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss your business situation and explore ways we can help you. 

Webcast Host & Speaker

Laurie Wiggins

Laurie Wiggins, CEO at Byond, provides business consulting services and advice to business executives and owners who want to successfully sell or buy a business. Dealing with the aftermath of failed transactions and integration efforts in previous businesses motivated her to establish Byond.

Her broad background in business, technology, and engineering ensures a deep understanding of the distinct aspects and issues of technology businesses which are a central focus of Byond.

Laurie has a long experience in risk identification and management at all levels of an organization, from project to corporate levels. Insights achieved during these activities have enabled a unique systematic comprehensive due diligence approach. The ability to evaluate all business areas prior to a transaction enables sellers to achieve maximum value and buyers to avoid over-paying and acquiring hidden liabilities.

Hector Del Castillo

Hector has over 15 years of experience collaborating with executives and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. He’s passionate about working with executives to achieve business growth by guiding mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. 

Prior to joining Byond, Hector led acquisition and integration efforts at Nextone Communications, Smith Micro Software and MEI Technologies. 

At Byond, he’s busy creating content to share actionable information with midmarket executives and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and significantly improve the value they deliver to customers, while reducing operational costs to increase their company’s financial performance. 

As a consultant and coach, he ensures organizations achieve a competitive advantage from M&A deals by guiding executives, building capacity and capability, improving processes and deploying best in class tools.

If you are looking to successfully buy or sell a company, set up an appointment with us to identify your specific business situation and show you how we can help you achieve M&A outcomes beyond expectations. 

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